HARNESSTOM Specific Objectives



  1. Development of an EU-based one-stop-shop for tomato genetic and phenotypic information including state-of-the-art visualization and analysis tools for breeders and end-users
  2. Creation an effective alliance of different stakeholders through a project management, outreach and communications platform that maximizes consortium productivity and GENRES use.
  3. Development of tools to increase the speed and precision of tomato pre-breeding.
  4. Identification of sources of variability and development of tomato-pre-breeding materials with resistance to (emerging) diseases in different conditions.
  5. Development of tomato-pre-breeding materials that are better adapted to climate change conditions.
  6. Development of tomato-pre-breeding materials with enhanced nutritional or flavour composition in different conditions.
  7. Development of pre-breeding materials from traditional tomato varieties by participatory approaches.
  8. Identification of societal and legislation challenges/issues related to GenRes and their use and proposing ways to address those (i.e. regulation changes) to foster innovation

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