02/12/2022: The Farmers association “Granada La Palma’s” approach to highly quality tomatoes

Granada la Palma will present their company “ideal tomato” at the upcoming HARNESSTOM Training Course. More info about the course can be found below. Presentations will be Youtube short clips, with English subtitles. Non-English speakers can take advantage of Youtube’s automated subtitle translation. Participants will be able to ask questions. Simultaneous translation of answers will be available in several languages. 




02/12/2022: HARNESSTOM Training School  "Find my ideal Tomato"

The "HARNESSTOM Training School - Find my ideal Tomato" via zoom will be held on December 19, 2022. The Training School aims at presenting, in plain language, what makes an ideal tomato, what makes an ideal tomato, where you can find it, a different actor's views of what is an ideal tomato.


Participation is free and necessary to receive the participation link. Please register at 


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