HARNESSTOM partners with young scientists at the IBMCP in support of NGTs the day before the regulation was backed by EU Parliament

The plenary session of the European Parliament voted on February 7 in favor of the new regulation on agricultural crops obtained by new genomic technique/genome editing. This vote can be considered a historic one because the new regulation will serve to support innovation, crop improvement, and will take advantage of decades of basic and applied research. 


HARNESSTOM partners have supported NGTs and several members participated in different initiatives that gained momentum in the last two weeks in relation to the ongoing process.






HarnesstomDB Datathon: Hands on Training Course on the HARNESSTOM Tomato Database

HarnesstomDB Datathon is a 2-day workshop aiming at introducing the HarnesstomDB (, a comprehensive publicly available open-source multi-omics database for facilitating the use of the potential of tomato germplasm collections for breeding. 


Registration is free, come and join us!!!



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