19/06/2021:Getting ahead of the future through the past 


Dr. Antonio Granell, HARNESSTOM coordinator, gives an interview to the Mexican magazine JITOMATE, where he explains the project and its objectives, as well as the research in genetics and technological innovation that they are carrying out, in order to optimize the adaptability tomato varieties, in the face of the challenges to come challenges to come: high temperatures, water scarcity and excess salt in the water.








Researchers, companies and legislators ask for an urgent change in the EU legislation on Plant Genomic Techniques in a symposium organized by HARNESSTOM. 

An online Symposium took place on May 12 with the participation of leading scientist and companies in which they acknowledged the importance of plant genome editing for the EU and Spanish Agrofood sector. The event included the participation of the Spanish Minister for Science and innovation of the Spain

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