"Due to administrative restrictions, the experiment is limited to Bulgarian, Italian and Spanish citizens in 2022. We hope to repeat it in 2023 for a wider participation"


Workpackage 8 (WP8) within Harnesstom is dedicated to Participative breeding and Citizen science.

The philosophy of Participative breeding implies that farmers (but also non-professional growers, citizens, chefs) are called to take part in the breeding process. This approach should bring to a more consumer-driven strategy for plant breeding.

The philosophy of Citizen Science implies that citizens/consumers (but also farmers and growers) are involved in scientific activities to disseminate scientific principles and procedures and increase the consciousness of the consumers towards food production and food quality.

In 2022, Harnesstom proposes to Farmers to become Breeders and to Citizens to become Scientists. The aim of such experiments is to establish a reciprocal flux of information from stakeholders to non-stakeholders and vice versa to better implement the genetic improvement for the Food of Tomorrow.

If you are interested in participating, grow tomato plants, and record your own data on plant and fruit characteristics, follow the information below!

For more detail, you can refer to one of the following National information points writing in Spanish /Catalan (harnesstom @ fundaciomiquelagusti.cat), in Italian (harnesstom @ unitus.it) or in Bulgarian (harnesstom.bg @ abv.bg). All info points also respond in English.


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